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September 22, 2010

A bit of semi self promotion showcased below in the form of some recent work done by my current agency Cowan Auckland. These beauties were a little before my time so I can’t take credit unfortunately.

Franks (soft drinks)
“The brief was to communicate Frank’s personality and increase flavour appeal positioning the product as ‘a damn good drink’. Franks are experts at flavour, delivering interesting offerings with a twist. The redesign strips the brand back to it’s ‘straight up’ roots. It’s quirky vibrant appeal was just what Frank needed.”

H2GO (water)
“The brand was in need of a modern revitalisation to resurrect it’s human voice and give it a brand mark that would stand the test of time. The design takes a bold approach, demanding consumers take notice, through the development of a talking pack. The communication breaks category norms by taking an emotive lifestyle approach rather than focusing on refreshment cues. The execution takes advantage of the purity and clarity of the water via the show through.”

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