Marx Design

October 5, 2011

Marx Design is the work of designer Ryan Marx now working from Auckland. After years of working for household brands throughout Australia Marx now focusses on contract work for primarily overseas clients. His selection of work covering interesting foreign beverage brands caught our eye.

Cocolino is a new coconut water brand for the Dubai market. To represent Cocolino’s inherent freshness and purity, we chose to incorporate elements from nature into the design to help communicate the source of the product as well as its refreshing and wholesome properties. On the raw can substrate version of Cocolino, this pattern becomes more distinct the colder the can gets.

Despite being around for centuries, the cashew or coconut-based liquor called Feni is relatively unknown outside its birthplace of Goa, India. The word Cazulo, which means “firefly”, lead us to create the central logotype: a stylised firefly radiating a warming glow – much like the feeling when Feni is consumed. We felt it was very important that the Cazulo remained authentic to the essence of Goa, so we identified patterns and colours from the region and infused them into the design. Similarly, the bottle’s shape is heavily influenced by tradition. Its form is inspired by a blown glass Feni bottle over a century old.

Vonu Beer
Traditional elements of premium beer architecture combine with a distinctive ‘island style’. A combination of clean white with gold foils, uncoated board, and rough, hand-rendered typography help define the Vonu brand personality – fun-loving, relaxed and laid back. Vonu is authentically Fijian (unlike the Fosters and VB sold by the competition).

Samoa Pure

A handcrafted logotype and design that is influenced by traditional Samoan tattoos all encapsulated in a native frangipani shape to create something that feels authentic to Samoa and at the same time, elegant and tasteful.

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